Honka Ink, a modern interpretation of a log house, charms with its ruggedness 

Honka Ink, painted in black and constructed of non-settling FXL logs, is a modern, small, two-storey detached house, designed and built respecting the surrounding environment. This high building makes use of the Nollanurkka log joint technique, which gives the house a modern finishing touch. The modern decor is designed in collaboration with the family that commissioned the construction project.


“Some people still think that logs have become obsolete as a building material. We wanted to prove that this thinking is wrong by creating a modern and light home which reflects the spirit of the time. The decor was created in collaboration with the family that commissioned the construction. The alternation of logs, micro concrete and painted surfaces lends the home a modern atmosphere,” says Johanna Kivilahti, interior designer of the Honka Ink building.




Honka Ankkuri – traditional family life in a home of dreams

Honka Ankkuri, an imposing building, will serve far into the future as a home base of the sporty family of four that will move into it. The inhabitants of this light and spacious building enjoy spending time in nature, valuing an ecological and sustainable lifestyle in a homely environment. The Honka Ankkuri building is also built of non-settling FXL logs. An outlook tower offering views in all directions tops off this multifaceted building.




“Honka Ankkuri is a truly vivid and impressive building. The house exhibits numerous details and as many as seventeen corners, which made furnishing the building challenge but in a pleasant way. The inhabitants not only wanted to make the decor laid-back and cosy but also layered in a surprising way. The key role is played justifiably by the same natural material that is used in the whole of the building – Finnish wood. Taken together, the building is light, roomy and fresh,”

 says Tanja Luoma-aho from Vepsäläinen, interior designer of Honka Ankkuri

get acquainted with Honkarakenne´s range of products using virtual reality

In addition to detached houses, Honkarakenne will also showcase the opportunities offered by virtual reality at the fair. At Honka Ankkuri’s exhibition booth in the car shelter, you will have the opportunity to enter a new, virtual Honka Vista house model. Honkarakenne is bringing into use virtual reality at its sales offices, making it part of customer work conducted by such offices.


Welcome to participating in the Press Day of the Housing Fair on Thursday, 13 July

Media representatives are warmly invited to visit Honkarakenne’s construction projects in advance at the fair on the Press Day of the Housing Fair on Thursday, 13 July 2017, 9:00–16:00. Marko Saarelainen, Honkarakenne’s CEO, and interior designers Jonna Kivilahti and Tanja Luoma-aho will be present at the event between 11:00 and 14:00. Join us to get acquainted with our construction projects at the fair.
For additional information and requests for taking photos and filming, please contact

Joonas Rantala, Marketing Manager, Honkarakenne Plc

+358 40 588 1263, joonas.rantala@honka.com